CodeEx VATInc VAT
StrongARM Main Motherboard MKII1108002399468.82
103W Power Supply Unit1970107082.25
4 Slot Backplane1970013945.82
FDD Cable19709467.05
HD Ribbon Cable19709578.22
Speaker and Cable19709655.87
LED's and Cables19709755.87
Audio CD Cable96000044.70
Welcome Guide49705089.40
Door Moulding29706433.52
Front (Blank)29707222.35
Spring - Door88450011.17
Clip - Hard Drive Retaining29706511.17
On/Off Button29706722.35
Hinge Clip29702511.17
Fixing Peg - Long (set of four)29708955.87
Fixing Peg - Short (set of four)29709055.87
Rear Fixing Peg (each)29707711.17
Door Pivot Lever29707911.17
Base Moulding2970842529.37
Middle Moulding (closed)2970853136.42
Middle Moulding (CD and FDD open)  3136.42
Middle Moulding (FD open)2970203136.42
Lid Moulding2970861618.80
Network Blanking Plate29709811.17
Podule Blanking Plate29709344.70
Tower Foot (set of 4)27907055.87
Rubber Foot (set of 4)89001622.35
Door Moulding (RiscPC Printed)49711533.52
Front Decal49710522.35
Front Decal Acorn Printed  22.35

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