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Today there is a dramatic increase in data storage, driven by business growth worldwide, Internet and e-commerce applications, increasing legal requirements and by user demands for immediate secure access to data to assist in fast effective decision making. Leading industry analysts report that storage capacity is increasing at around 80% per annum.

Castle is ideally placed to help demystify the latest Storage solutions and meet storage challenges head-on.

A member of our professional services team will meet with you to understand your business processes and objectives. This enables us to recommend the most appropriate storage solution and methodology for your organisation.

Storage area network (SAN)

SAN offers a centralised and consolidated managed storage utility with the benefit of improved access to data across your enterprise. For example, a SAN could be ideal for transaction based e-businesses, delivering 24x7availability in a secure, flexible environment.

Network attached storage (NAS)

NAS offers an easily deployable solution on the LAN, making it ideal for departmental storage within a larger enterprise. Yet NAS has the same strategic objective as SAN – to centralise and consolidate data storage, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

A significant storage investment requires in depth strategic and commercial analysis, complex planning and diligent testing, installation and management to deliver complex solutions. A broad and sophisticated range of business and technical skills are necessary to support this new storage strategy. ICM is committed to investing in the best possible training and technologies from the leading Storage Channel partners.


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