SCSI Upgrades
Setup Setup v1.80 11/5/02
!Setup is Castle Technology's general SCSI and SCSI disc management software. It now includes support for the RiscOS 4 large directories and long filenames. It includes the latest versions of soft loadable SCSI modules. 

Rom Update Rupdate v3.19 with SCSIHandler v3.19 11/5/02 + SCSI2_CT v1.34 10/1/01
!Rupdate loads the current Flash Rom Image into the Storm SCSI32 card.  

WhichSCSI WhichSCSI v3.19 11/5/02
!WhichSCSI is Castle Technology's general runtime SCSI module update software. It includes the latest versions of soft loadable SCSI modules:

The latest SCSIHandler update resolves sone issues with !CDBurn autodetecting yamaha CD Burners. Other SCSIHandler updates are minor tweaks to resolve some freezes seen occasionally on some RiscOS 4 machines. Note that for best results a return to base update of the PAL code on the Storm32 SCSI card is also recommended. There will be a small charge for this update of 15ukp plus vat, which mainly covers the carriage and packing and insurance charges. If you wish to have this mod you will have a Storm32 card, and will have experienced read freezes whilst filercopying data in RiscOS 4 with Lazy task swapping enabled.

The SCSIFiler mods add RiscOS 4 Drag'n'drop filesave. Dragging a file to a SCSI icon will save it in the root of that icon's disc, or elsewhere if the variable SCSI$DefaultPath is set.

n.b. See the !Help file within !WhichSCSI for guidance in running !WhichSCSI as part of your boot sequence.
Both !Setup & !WhichSCSI check the installed SCSI card to ensure that the latest versions of any relevant SCSI modules are softloaded into the computer.

Swap Icons Swap Icons 1.01 21/11/98
Swap Icons is a tiny utility which allows you to switch between two different icon bar configurations at a (double) click of a button. Read the !Help file included for more info.  

Hide Icons Hide Icons 1.00 09/11/98
Hide Icons is a simple little application which either removes or replaces all your scsi icons on the icon bar every time you double click on it.  

Auto Icons Auto Icons V 1.01 28/09/98
Auto Icons is a little utility which automatically displays different SCSI drive icons on the Icon Bar. Read the !Help file included for more info.  

Zip Lock Zip Lock V 1.00 08/07/97
Zip Lock is a simple utility to unlock the tools disc, and to enable you to password write protect your media.  

Nomai222 Nomai22 V 2.22 08/09/98
Nomai222 Earlier versions of Nomai firmware can cause difficulty in removing media after dismounting. This is resolved in v2.22. Click here for !Nomai222: A simple utility to update the flash rom in the Nomai drive. Only for use with Castle SCSI cards. Some (documented) modification of the !Run file will be required to run the updater.  

Scanners & ASPI Drivers
Those wishing to use PC software to drive SCSI scanners will require ASPI drivers and !PCPro version 2.03 or later. Both of these can be obtained from Aleph1. Current ASPI Drivers can be downloaded from their web site, or obtained from us. Existing owners of !PCPro can upgrade from their web site, but new owners should contact Aleph1 Sales directly.

These ASPI drivers can be persuaded to function under both Win95 & Win3.1. Note however that the transfer buffer currently provided (16k bytes max) will fit just one 600dpi A4 width 24 bit colour scan line at a time. 600IISP Mustek scanners are not happy transferring less than 2 lines at a time. Thus if you wish to scan 24 bit colour, on your PC card, at full width, the max dpi you can successfully scan at is 320. Any dpi larger than this will provide a lockout until you switch off the scanner.

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