25% off when bought with drive or scanner etc

  CodeEx VATInc VAT
A3000 IDE interface kit - 2.5 hard driveCTP285261.10
A3020 fixing kit - 2.5 hard driveCTP0289.40
A3/400 IDE interface for 2.5 & 3.5 h.d.CTP476070.50
A3010 IDE Interface Kit - 2.5in & 3.5in h.d.CTP275261.10
Storm8 SCSI2 interface - A30x0 A4000CTP3988103.40
Storm16 SCSI2 i/f - A300/A400 A5/7000CTP2296112.80
StormDMA32 SCSI2 i/f RPCCTP50128150.40
Storm16/10BaseT SCSI2 & Ethernet i/fCTP24148173.90
Storm16/Combo SCSI2 & Ethernet i/fCTP23196230.30

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