CASTLE's Acorn A7000+ Odyssey
is the BEST investment

RISC OS (Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System) is used in all Acorn computers. It resides permanantly in ROM (Read Only Memory) and never has to be re-installed.


ARM POWERED. ARM's 32-bit RISC processors give lightning fast computing power and have many applications which make use of its ultra-low power consumption.


EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY. Acorn computers use integrated hardware technology, designed and built in the UK. Reliability is second to none.


UK SOFTWARE. Because the majority of RISC OS software originates in the UK, you can be sure that it is applicable to UK national and educational requirements.


LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP. Low initial cost, long operating life due to high quality engineering and low technical support requirements because of the technologically efficient RISC OS, make an Acorn the low-cost ICT solution.


The A7000+ Odyssey Technical Specifications.

32-bit 7500 FE ARM processor
Acorn Floating Point Accelerator
56MHz giving 50 MIPS peak performance
Write buffer for enhanced performance
Integrated IO, MMU and Video

8 MB EDO on board
72 pin EDO SIMM socket (max 128MB)
240B battery backed-up CMOS SRAM

RISC OS 3.71 uncorruptable ROM based operating system (OS)
Soft load module support

CD quality 8 channel 16-bit stereo digital sound system with mixer for CD ROM output
3.5mm 32 ohn stereo jack socket output
Internal speaker

Modes include:
16 million colours up 640 x 480
32 thousand colours up to 1024 x 768
256 colours up to 1600 x 1200
16 colours upto 1600 x 1200

Dedicated network slot (10 Base2, 10 BaseT or ATM)
32-bit EASI expansion slot

Optional 40x CD-ROM drive
4GB hard drive

RS 232 serial port - 9-pin D socket
Parallel printer port - 25 way D socket
Keyboard & mouse ports - 2 x PS2 ports
Monitor port - 15 way D high density

Dimensions - width 357mm, depth 283mm, height 102mm
Weight - approx 4.5kg

Integral 35W switched mode
Auto-ranging 110v to 240v AC, 50-60Hz