The advanced Acorn RiscPC233T

With Castle’s Acorn RiscPC 233T, you have the best of both worlds: lightning-fast processing speeds combined with the high quality, low maintenance hardware traditionally associated with Acorn.

To appreciate why the RiscPC233T is so special, consider these unique features:

The RiscPC 233T uses the INTEL StrongARM 233MHz processor designed by ARM. It is much faster than the 50 MIPS speed of the 7500FE used on A7000+. The processor therefore makes the RiscPC 233T (running at 268 MIPS) over 5 times faster than Acorn A7000+.

The RiscPC 233T has a second processor slot, into which can be added a PC card for Windows applications or any other form of processor.

The RiscPC 233T uses a modular construction which makes size increases easy - just snap another case unit on top of your existing box!

The RiscPC 233T is CE marked for safety and build integrity. It is your guarantee of quality.

Castle install RISC OS in ROM on the motherboard, rendering it uncorruptable and resistant to viruses.

The RiscPC 233T also includes the following:
2 x super-fast 32-bit DMA EASI expansion slots
Further 6 x 32-bit EASI expansion slots
16 million colour capability (800x600 display)
Max resolution of 1600x1200 display (256 colours)
Internal Genlock port
Optional DVD drive - (used as CD reader only)
Socket for up to 2MB VRAM.
2 memory sockets for 72 PIN Fast Page SIMMs
Acorn PS/2 keyboard with Menu and Acorn buttons
All Acorn computers come with EasiWriter Professional and Resultz (worth over £200 +vat)
3 Button mouse
IOMD custom I/O chip
VIDC20a custom video controller
CD Quality audio - 16 bit - 44.1 KHz Audio
RISC OS3.7 or 4.0 according to model
3.5mm stereo output
RS 232 serial port
Parallel printer port
Switchable PSU from 110V - 240V (50Hz or 60Hz)
CD-ROM option
Internet ready option
Large hard drive capacity - with RISC OS 4 this capacity is 256GB

MONITORS Castle are able to supply a wide range of quality monitors, from a digital 14 through to the top of the range Liyama 21’. The new technology colour LCD screens are also available. Phone now for prices.