22nd July 1999

Castle has today launched a new computer keyboard for its range of Acorn computers. Called Aura this new keyboard conforms to all international standards and has a superior feel that is both tactile and quiet in operation. This keyboard will be shipped with all new RiscPCs from now on and is available for all existing A7000, A7000+ and RiscPC's. Menu keys.

Click here to see a high res picture of the keyboard

Two new "Acorn" keys have been introduced and placed between each Alt key and the space bar. Another new key has also been added below the right-hand Shift key. Extra software is supplied to allow the keyboard to fully emulate the mouse and also allow a user to use these special keys. Jack Lillingston, Castle's Managing Director said "The new Aura keyboard is a welcome addition to the Acorn world, its distinctive design and extra features will prove invaluable to all our customers".

Removable wrist rest.
A detachable wrist rest helps to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. Alternatively the rest can be removed to make a very slim keyboard, ideal for those cluttered desks.

Euro symbol.
The new keyboard also features the Euro currency sign. This key allows the inclusion of the Euro symbol in documents when the computer is fitted with RISC OS 4.

New position for Num, Caps and Scroll Lock lights.
Active lights for the above are now positioned sensibly, directly in the users view. This means that the settings can be easily glimpsed, virtually eliminating the common frustration of typing with the caps lock set on by mistake.

The new keyboard will be available from 1st September 1999 for all A7000, A7000+ and RiscPC's and can be ordered on line or by calling 01728 723200. The keyboard is priced at just 29+ delivery & VAT (41.93 inc delivery & VAT).

For further information contact:

Jack Lillingston (Managing Director)

Email: sales@castle.org.uk

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